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You don’t have to keep going it alone with one frustrating diet after another.

Get expert guidance to create new habits and skills that will make it easier to reach your health and fat loss goals – all in a fun atmosphere with people just like you.


Introducing the The Habit Project…

Amber and Sean 2

With: Amber Rogers and Sean Flanagan

Where: Oakland, CA and Beyond! (100% online)

No more “quick fix” BS. Long term behavior change is the name of the game for making fat loss stick.

Creating lasting change in your fitness or body composition often requires significant changes to your behaviors and habits. It'd be really nice if we could just snap our fingers and solidify all these behaviors and habits into our brains instantaneously, but unfortunately we need to put in the work to make them stick.

Creating the level of fitness or lean-ness you want isn't so much a war against body fat or weakness, but rather a strategic game of solidifying the lifestyle that will enable your outcome goals (like a flatter stomach) to fall into place.

It's easy to get distracted by things like normal monthly weight fluctuations. Instead, we'll continue to focus on mastering the skills that will support our goals. We place our focus on the things we control the most - our behavior. The end result is our fitness and fat loss goals naturally get closer to our reach.

We seek progress, not perfection. One habit at a time. With your community. And with your coaches.


What This Program is and Why We Made It

This program differs from the vast majority of nutrition programs. Hell, it even differs pretty profoundly from our 4 Month Program for Fat Loss & Recomp Program.

Most programs try to work on many things at once and expect you to be “perfect” from day one. And if not, you better hurry up and get on board! “Sink or swim, motherf***er!”

We approach our very popular 4 month program a bit differently, but even still, it’s not ideal for everyone. It works AMAZINGLY WELL for people who are ready to follow a structured meal plan and training program and to then slowly start to break away from the meal plans and start to “own” their process a bit more.

But even then, many people need a more incremental approach. That’s why we created The Habit Project to be our primary means of working with clients online. This format allows us to help you break down the process of creating habits that support your fitness and fat loss goals to as simple of a level as things need to be.

For 2 weeks at a time, the entire group will work on the same basic habit. The habit might look a little bit differently for you than another group participant – but the same core idea will be the focus of that 2 week period.

And that’s it. One habit at a time. Single solitary focus. Your community and coaches will support you in making the changes you need. Over time, the sum of these healthy habits will accumulate to be greater than their individual parts. 1 + 1 = 3, as the old cliché on synergy goes.

We’re not going to make any promises on the rate of fat loss you experience. It could be fast. It could be very slow. Frankly, we’re not all that concerned with pounds per month. We’re concerned with your lasting success - and we know that by consistently putting one foot in front of the other with creating your healthy habits, the weight WILL come off.

All sorts of crazy programs can have you lose weight fast, be a miserable wreck the entire time and then gain it all back (and then some). But very few programs focus on the skills that will enable you to be someone who can manage their weight for the LONG term.

Through our habit-based focus and by harnessing the power of community, you'll develop the skills for LASTING success so you never feel tempted to go on a restrictive diet again.



Here’s What Members Are Saying:

This program is truly amazing. Simple and silly effective.  Biting off very small chunks of change at one time opens the door to small successes. Those start stacking up and you begin to feel so damn good that you take better care of yourself. I just needed the program to keep my eye on the ball. I’m easily distracted from caring for myself.”

Meredith Gafill

I’ve been part of the ETF group for over a year and love the principles/concepts but I feel like this habit project is really going to help me focus on balancing what/how I eat without all the denial and guilt of a “diet program”.

Jennifer Jones

So far the program helped me realizing that my need to be perfect is actually hindering me. Doing things on my own I get overwhelmed pretty soon. Working in slow and small steps is really helping me to be more aware of my mental and physical needs. The daily check in's and the support of the group help me to stay motivated. Sean and Amber help you find your own way but are always willing to provide more guidance and support when needed. Oh, and I totally should add, it's not only enhancing my health and fitness but also helps me in all areas of my life (by helping me letting go of the perfectionism). I'm planning to start my own business for years now and if that finally happens this year your program made a huge contribution to it. Which speaks for it being a lifestyle program rather than "just" a weight loss program. Although I'm not sure this was the intention 🙂

Maria Kurz

Prior to starting the Habit Project I would have grand plans to begin new habits, but was consistently setting myself up for failure. My goals were large and unattainable and I felt defeated. The Habit Project has taught me how to set myself up for success. I know now to make my habits small, scale-able and achievable. Most importantly, I had the support of the Habit Project community so if something wasn't working I had my group to brainstorm with and keep me going. Starting new habits is no longer intimidating or a recipe for failure.

Elisa Sharkey

The Habit Project is helping me to be committed to building and improving habits over time. It is increasing my awareness and ability to stick to the processes that create better overall health and fitness. It is helping me overcome challenges with emotional eating and some ED behaviors. I would recommend this program to anyone who is recovering from ED, trying to improve their fitness success, or just anyone who wants to be better at building habits.

Glenda Houston

Here’s a Summary of What This Program Is:

Habit-Based and Moderation-Focused - knowing about fitness and nutrition is one thing – IMPLEMENTING it is a whole ‘nother game. We’re going to work on mastering individual habits that will support your goals. But just because something can be called a "habit" doesn't mean it's a GOOD habit. With our eye on sustainable and healthy changes, we’ll make sure that you work on habits that will support for the long term rather than ruin your attitude towards fitness or relationship with food.

Realistic and Suitable for Just About Everyone - we’re not going to FORCE a given habit on you. We’re going to help you figure out how you can make it work for YOUR life. Since your habit will be customized for your situation, there’s no scenario where you CAN’T participate. The only requirement is that you have patience to trust the 1-step-at-a-time process.

Inclusive of Your Favorite Foods – don’t like lima beans? We won’t force you to eat them. Don’t want us to take away your ice cream? Neither do we!

Process-Focused and Sustainable - we’re not focused on X lbs per week or Y inches per month. We’re focused on mastering the habits that will give YOU control over those things. By focusing on new habits every 2 weeks, you won’t get bored by doing the same thing all the time. And since the habits are scaled to your personal situation and comfort level, you’ll avoid the overwhelm that can ruin the best of intentions.

Intelligent – we know a thing or two about nutrition and exercise. We’ll make sure that the habits are things that can support your goals in an efficient manner. We don’t include done-for-you or customized training programs in this program (that would make too many people unable to afford this), but we will steer you in the right direction with recommendations and from time-to-time we’ll focus on exercise habits rather than nutrition habits.

Change Decision Making Concept

"This Sounds Like The Best Program Ever!  So What Does it Cost?!?!?!"

Well firstly, thanks for your enthusiasm.   We think it's a pretty cool program too.

If you were to work with Sean or Amber for 1-on-1 online coaching, you'd be looking at least $247 per month.  But since the community itself will act as an "assistant coach", we don't have to charge nearly that much.

This program is $129 (USD) per month with no long-term commitment - with the first month 1/2 off so you can give it a try with less risk.

If you love it (and we think and hope you will), you can stick around as long as you want to. If it’s not for you, just email us 2 days or more prior to your next charge and we’ll remove you with no hassles and no hard feelings.   Billing will be automatically each month on the same calendar day as your start day.