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ENOUGH with women's fitness programs that make over the top claims, under deliver with do-nothing exercises, make you spend hours in the gym and get you ZERO results!

I Can Give You The Blueprint You Want To Get You To Your Goals, Build a Strong Knowledge of Fitness, and Help You Strengthen and Shape your Body Without The Nonsense We See All Too Often In Typical Women's Fitness Programs

Hey there!   Sean Flanagan here.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re fed up with the obnoxious programs talking about “getting beach ready” and delivering the same so-called “toning” exercises that have been marketed to women since 1989…   but you don’t know where to get started with a workout plan that meets you where YOU are and helps you to develop confidence in the gym.

Or maybe you have some experience with some lifting moves, but since you only know of a few, you stick mostly to cardio, circuit workouts on Youtube, or the classes at the gym.

Meanwhile….you’re not seeing the results you want and want to get out of your rut…. But just don’t QUITE know how.

These are the things I’ve heard from many of the hundreds of women who have purchased the Fit Body Blueprint for Women.

Some women were self-proclaimed “cardio queens” who never ventured away from the treadmill…

Some women were brand new to exercise PERIOD…

And some women have done some resistance training, but never went through a well-rounded training system that truly helped them take their fitness to the next level so instead have been essentially practicing their first week of strength training over and over again for the last 10 years…

Until they started using the Fit Body Blueprint for Women.

The Fit Body Blueprint for Women is a program that I created because I saw a void in training programs that respect your intelligence, meet you where you are, and help you develop COMPLETE fitness.

I know it’s scary to go into the weight room with all the “bros” if you’re not sure if you’re doing the right things.   When you’re doubting yourself, you start to feel like all eyes are on you.

That’s why I want to make things crystal clear for you – the right exercises in the right sequence on the right days. So you know that when you step on that black rubber flooring, you’re in great hands.   You have a comprehensive training system that will help you create the type of fitness you want – and now it’s up to you to put in the work to become the best version of yourself.

Here's What the Fit Body Blueprint for Women is NOT:

  • A program with an agenda for what you “should” look like or what your goals should be.   Want to lose fat?  Cool, I’ll show you to do it the Fit Body Blueprint way.  “Just” want to get strong and be a rockstar in the gym?   That’s cool too!  The goal with the training program is to build strength and develop your confidence major movements – and I’ll teach you how to have the program deliver the type of results YOU’RE looking for.
  • A program that treats you like an idiot.  Here’s a secret: Any fitness professional with a brain knows that there’s no such thing as “spot reduction”.  Yet every day a new program comes out that claims it will show you exercises to “target belly fat” or “target arm fat”.  They don’t respect your intelligence enough to tell you the truth.   I do.
  • Endless exercise – not getting ready to be spray tanned and standing on stage in a bikini in 3 weeks? Then you don’t need to do 10 hours a week of cardio.   Let’s get results AND still have a life outside the gym.
  • Another unrealistic and unreasonable workout and diet plan.  The workouts take an hour 2-3 times a week, and I also include abbreviated workouts you can use in a pinch.   The nutrition strategies we talk about are realistic and reasonable – no confusing “point” systems and no removal of your favorite foods.
  • Packed with do-nothing exercises.  Ya know we talked about how “spot reduction” isn’t a thing?   That means we don’t need to spend a half hour doing boring inner thigh, ab, and tricep exercises!   Instead, we’ll focus mostly on “big bang for your buck” exercises that train multiple muscles at once.  And then towards the end of your workout, we’ll do more targeted training to help strengthen weaker body parts and to bring out the areas you may want to “pop” more when you’re in your favorite outfit.
  • Bodyweight sweat-fests with no rest and lots of jumping around.  There’s a difference between a workout that’s hard and a workout that’s effective at helping you reach your goals.  Instead of moving a lot with dangerous technique, we’re going to move enough with weights that challenge us and exercises that are safe.
  • A random collection of workouts.  You’re not getting an endless list of “Oh what the hell - why not?” workouts.   You’re getting a systematic training program where each phase builds on the foundation built in the previous phase.
  • Confusing.   You know what I hate?  When I buy a program that can give me a result I’m looking for, but I don’t know where to start!   Instead, I make it SUPER simple.   I tell you where to get started with my cleverly titled “Start Here” file - then you just follow the directions and get started with “Phase 1 Workout A” and you’re off!

Here's What People Are Saying About This Program:

Bridget Murphy

I could start to see results within the first couple weeks. The only change I made at the time was using the blueprint. The program is great and the best part is that the plan and common sense behind it are sustainable for years to come!

Bridget Murphy
Christine Green

The Fit Body Blueprint for Women is wonderful! Sean’s no-nonsense program is easy to follow and appropriate for all levels of fitness.  The Fit Body Blueprint  is helping me gain strength, confidence, and well-being for life.

Christine Green
Cyndi Halfast

I LOVE the Fit Body Blueprint.   I’ve always been a cardio girl – I’d cardio forever and could never make resistance training “stick”.   A lot of the reason was that I did not really know HOW to even begin. Now, I go to the gym and I don’t mess around.

Cyndi Halfast
Courtney Fox

I've really liked the program. I haven't been too technical with measuring progress, but I can tell you that I'm down to about 134 from 138 without trying to lose any weight. I have an 8 month old baby but I'm now fitting into clothes that I haven't fit into since I had my first baby almost 4 years ago.

Courtney Fox
Amber Rogers

Finally got a chance to really read through your Fit Body Blueprint.   It f**ing RULES, bro.

Amber Rogers, "Go Kaleo" Blogger/Health Coach/ Personal Trainer
Teri Eckhoff

I’ve been physically active most of my life, and I prefer to workout at home by myself. I've never had a personal trainer, but I’ve used several programs from various sources and Fit Body Blueprint has been my favorite by far.

The customer support is amazing and something I’ve never had before. Sean always answered my questions pertaining to proper form and alternative exercises. The program allowed me to continue building up my strength which was amazing because as I was working my way through FBB I was also in the process of building a healthy relationship with food and learning to love the body I have. Fit Body Blueprint was a perfect fit for me.

Teri Eckhoff

Here Are Some of the Benefits You May Achieve from Using the Fit Body Blueprint for Women


  • Burn Away Body Fat – a proper strength training program will not only help to burn calories, but also will help preserve your muscle.   Weight loss + muscle preservation = fat loss (because the weight has to come from somewhere, right?).   The “weight loss” part of the equation comes mostly down to diet – and that’s why the Fit Body Blueprint for Women also includes simple nutrition strategies that you can put in place right away.
  • “Reshape” Your Body – weight loss without strength training limits how much visual impact your weight loss makes. Sure, your waist can get smaller – but if your shoulders and glutes also get smaller, the inches lost from your waist look less significant. On the flip side, if you focus on building lean muscle in the areas that the Fit Body Blueprint focuses extensively, you can LOOK slimmer without losing body fat.   By adding more shape in the areas you WANT to accentuate more, it de-emphasizes the shape of the areas you want to stand out less.
  • Become Powerful – here’s a secret: strength is a bit addictive.   It’s not at all uncommon for women to start a resistance training program with the goal of losing X number of lbs and then realizing that feeling strong and capable gives them the added confidence they want.
  • Spend Less Time in the Gym – a good training program isn’t about spending hours at the gym (and it’s not about being painfully sore all the time) – it’s about doing the things that get you the most results for your time and energy.
  • See Faster Progress – nearly all exercise can be good exercise from a health and enjoyment perspective, but that doesn’t mean that all types of exercises are created equally for shaping your body or taking your fitness to the next level.
  • Build a Fitness Foundation – if you want to do the types of workouts that look super cool and be successful with them, you need to lay down an appropriate foundation.   That means learning the right movement patterns with more simple exercises and then over time moving on to more challenging exercises and of course heavier weights.   You gotta lay the framework.
  • Get Clarity on How to Reach Your Goals – hey, I know it can be tough to decide on what goals to prioritize.   Sometimes losing 20 lbs seems like the most important thing – and other times you want to get fuller and firmer glutes or see yourself lifting big ass weights.   That’s why I outline what specific nutrition strategies to use to compliment the training program based upon whatever goal you decide on.
  • Be More Confident in the Gym – at first you’ll feel a bit awkward, but you’ll have some confidence because you watched the tutorials for your workout and you know you’re in good hands.   Soon you’ll get a feel for the exercises. Then you’ll start using heavier weights and start to see results.   As you begin to see progress, you’ll know that you made this ‘fitness stuff’ work for you!

Okay…So Here’s What You Get In The Fit Body Blueprint For Women Program:

  • 3 Step-by-Step Built-For-You Training "Cycles"

    3 to 4 1/2 months of workouts for you depending on how often you’re training.

  • TWO 12-Week Step-by-Step Fat Loss Habit Sequences

    follow these no-confusion steps if you want to lose body fat without fad diets or excessive restriction.

  • Time-Crunched Versions of the Workouts

    so you know exactly what movements to prioritize for YOUR goals when you don’t have time for a full workout.

  • “Myths, Mistakes, and Misconceptions in Women’s Fitness”

    6 ideas and strategies that just have to go.

  • The “Understanding Sugar Cravings” Guide

    how can you know if your sugar intake is in excess and what can you do about it?

  • Body Transformation Guide

    that teaches you how to monitor changes in your body so you can change course as needed, answers the “what about cardio?” question, and breaks down the process for adding lean body mass into 3 simple steps.

  • Exclusive Access to the Private Fit Body Blueprint Discussion Group

    on Facebook where you can ask for exercise modifications, form analysis, connect with other Fit Body Blueprinters, or just brag about how you’re kicking ass with the program!

  • Training Journals for Each Workout

    If you want to make the best progress possible, keeping a workout journal is key.  I give you a PDF file and an excel for each workout, so you can print out or use on the device of your choice.

  • A "Cheat Sheet" of Your Warm Ups and Cool Downs

    so you don’t forget what to do during these important and often-neglected components of your workout sessions.

  • Substitutions for Working Out at Home

    Ideally I want you using this program at the gym.  But I know that’s not always going to happen, so I created a reference guide to how you can perform the key exercises with some basic home gym equipment.  There’s even a version of the exercise database that has these substitution exercises listed so you can conveniently reference them during your workout.

  • Bonus #1 - The Female Hormone and Fat Loss Guide

    How should your diet and training change based on time of the month to best support your fat loss goals?   Rolando spells it all out for you here.

  • Bonus #2 A Special Report from Amber Rogers of Go Kaleo

    on what a healthy female body looks like.

  • Bonus #3 An Additional 4 Week Bodyweight-Only Program

    provided by “The People’s Fit Coach” Sincere Hogan – so you can sneak in some training at home or outdoors and not be confined exclusively to training at a gym.

Not only can you get ALL of that… but if you get the Fit Body Blueprint for Women platinum package, you ALSO get these additional downloads from body recomposition expert Rolando Real:

  • Meal Planning for Fat Loss Guide

    A step-by-step tutorial to help you to create your own “diet” for predictable fat loss success.

  • 8-Week Fat Loss Program

    Want even MORE workouts?   Rolando gives an 8-week program specifically for supporting your fat loss goals.   This right here officially brings the tally of how long you can use the Fit Body Blueprint for Women and all of its bonuses to over 6 months!

Who's Behind This Thing, Anyway?

Sean Flanagan is a fitness and nutrition strategist who coaches hundreds of women (and a couple of fellas) each year to improve their health and lose weight with simple habit changes and thinks that the modern fixation on extreme workouts and rigid diets are a recipe for disaster.   Sean is certified as a personal trainer by the National Strength & Conditioning Association and is a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.   In 2014, Sean moved from Massachusetts to Oakland, CA where he takes a very select number of local training clients.

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I don’t guarantee a specific outcome in 60 days – that would be impossible.  Change takes time and the pace differs for everybody.

Results always vary – depending on your goals, your nutrition, your training history, and a host of other factors.

Instead of guaranteeing a specific outcome – I guarantee satisfaction with the program itself. If you don’t feel like this program was what you were expecting, then I want to give you your money back.

If anytime in the first 60 days you decide that this wasn’t worth your investment, you can redeem the 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and get your money back with no hassles and no hard feelings.

Here's a Summary of What Makes This Program Different:

1) Provides clarity - on how to reach your goals using the program.   Just use the workouts and apply the appropriate nutrition strategy for your goals (outlined in the files).

2) Easy to follow – there’s no guess work or confusion.

3) Intelligent progression – each phase builds off of the previous phase – by the time phase 3 comes and you're seeing more results and doing more challenging exercises, you've already created a strength and confidence foundation to prepare them.  It focuses on building a fitness foundation that will serve you for years – rather than just beat you up for 14-90 days to get fast fat loss that then leads to injuries and weight gain.

4) No gimmicky do-nothing exercises.   It focuses on “big bang for your buck” exercises to save you time with just the right amount of targeted body sculpting exercises to add extra development to areas such as your glutes and areas that will help change your silhouette without necessarily losing weight.

5) Prompt customer support - tag me in the private Facebook group exclusively for Fit Body Blueprint for Women customers and I'll help you out as fast as I can (unless the other group members take care of you first).   I don't want this program collecting dust on your hard drive, I want to make sure you can implement it successfully.

6) Free Updates - The Fit Body Blueprint for Women is now in its 3rd version and women who bought version 1.0 have received versions 2.0 and 3.0 for free.  Hopefully I won't have to make major updates for a while because I think it's just about perfect (that's what I always say...), but if I do you'll be able to get the newest version without having to spend another dime.

7) Start when you're ready.  Since this isn't a coaching program but is instead a downloadable course that includes customer support, there's no negative consequences to going at your own pace.  In fact, that's the whole idea!  I want you to make it work for you.


"This Sounds Amazing - It Must Be Like 2.4 Million Dollars!"


You'll be both surprised and delighted to find out the Fit Body Blueprint for Women is neither millions, thousands, or even hundreds of dollars.   Shocking...I know...

I threw A TON of cool stuff into this program that can help you and I could charge easily $97 for it, but I don't want to charge nearly that much.  Why?  Cause I want to you to be blown away by how great the product is for what you paid so you buy more stuff from me.  Hey... I told you I'd be honest with you.

The price for the entire system is only $47 $37.   For the entire system plus the additional materials in the Platinum package, it's $59.95 $49.95.  However, $49.95 would include the 28 Day Glute and Core Strength program...but since you already bought that, you can upgrade to the Platinum package for just $42.95!


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P.S. Remember that no physical products are shipped. The Fit Body Blueprint for Women is a collection of PDF files in a ZIP folder.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another program for reading PDF files.  You will also need to be able to open ZIP folders on your device using a program such as WinZip.  Your device may have apps available for opening ZIPs, but you are welcome to contact customer support to get the PDFs sent to you without the ZIP.

P.P.S. You’ll receive access to the product immediately after payment on a download page.  You will also receive a download email within 5 minutes of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"How good of shape do I need to be in to do this?" +

This program is suitable for all levels aside from advanced strength trainees.   If you have done some strength training, this program will likely be more comprehensive than other programs you've done.   If these are literally your first workouts, just start off extra cautious to not push yourself too hard too fast.   Start off light and ask in the private Facebook group if you need suggestions on alternative exercises.

"How long does each workout take?" +

You should expect to be done in about an hour and the program calls for ideally 3x per week (2x is pretty good too!).   If you need to abbreviate your workouts, I give directions on exactly how to do so for your goals in the Time-Crunched Workout Guide.

"Can I do this at home?" +

This program is designed to be as effective as possible, and that means a decent variety of equipment is required.  If you have an extensive home gym set up, you can probably make it work with very few modifications.

"What kind of product is this? Are you going to send it in the mail?" +

This product is 100% digital.  All the files are contained in a zip folder.  If your device does not open zip files, I can personally email you each individual file.

"Can I buy this no matter where I live?" +

Yes... everywhere except New Jersey.  Just kidding, there are no geography restrictions.

"What if I find your writing style to be annoying, think you're a jerk, or just find the program to be unhelpful?" +

Tell me so within 60 days of your purchase - preferably in as polite of a manner as possible so you don't hurt my feelings - and I'll give you a full refund.  Just email Admin at SeanFlanaganWellness.com and you'll be quickly taken care of.

I have another question. How can I get a hold of you? +

To contact Sean Flanagan (or a designated representative), you can click HERE for our contact page.